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Internet of Things

What You'll Learn

  • - Understand architecture and system design of IoT
  • - Design and develop smart IoT applications
  • - Manage smart IoT projects
  • - Understand the dynamics of the IoT markets, technology and trends
  • - Understand the basic measurement tools to determine the real-time performance of packet based networks

Course Description

IoT Course is designed for Students, Professors, Researchers, IT managers, IoT Entrepreneurs, Managers and Engineers whose company is venturing into IoT space. The goal of the course is to look top-down as well as bottom-up, to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the IoT.


Module 1: Internet of Things (IoT) introduction
Module 2: Fundamentals and building blocks of IoT
Module 3: IoT communication, protocols and platforms
Module 4: IoT connectivity menthols and technologies
Module 5: Sensors and Actuators
Module 6: IoT and Cloud Integration
Module 7: IoT and Big Data Analytics Integration
Module 8: Design considerations and IoT Security
Module 9: End to End IoT hardware and Services Design



Flexible Timings.

Class Size

Small Batch size of 5 students per batch.


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