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What You'll Learn

  • - Integrate Big Data components to create an appropriate Data Lake
  • - Select the correct Big Data stores for disparate data sets
  • - Process large data sets using Hadoop to extract value
  • - Query large data sets in near real time with Pig and Hive
  • - Plan and implement a Big Data strategy for your organization

Course Description

Data sets that have the potential to grow rapidly need to be manageable. This course provides the knowledge and training to use new Big Data tools and techniques as well as learn ways of storing information that will allow for efficient processing and analysis for informed business decision-making. Further, you learn to store, manage, process and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data.


Module 1: Big Data Analytics
Module 2: Big Data Analytics Platforms
Module 3: Big Data Storage and Processing
Module 4: Big Data Analytics Algorithms
Module 5: Big Data Visualization
Module 6: Big Data Analytics Workshops



Flexible Timings.

Class Size

Small Batch size of 5 students per batch.


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