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Cloud Computing Course is designed for Students, Professors, Researchers, IT managers..

Mobile App

This Course is for aspiring developers and you will learn to create mobile app..

Internet of Things

IoT Course is designed for Students, Professors, Researchers, IT managers, IoT Entrepreneurs..

Data Analytics

This role based training program will enable the trainee to get into the high in-demand fields of business or data analytics by exposing them to the industry based techniques and tools along with realtime projects.

Our Recent projects

Placed on this year

vehicle monitoring and tracking

Monitoring the vehicle from any location A to location B at real time and provide safety environment to the traveler


The rover is controlled with an android phone over Bluetooth to control speed and run it with the accelerometer and many other things

Implementation of WSN for industrial parameters monitoring

Detects the values of sensors and easily find out the Temperature, humidity, and gas present in the industrial area

Wireless Home Automation

A system that uses computers or mobile devices to control basic home functions and features automatically through internet from anywhere around the world

Smart Highway Intelligence

To incorporate technologies into roads for generating solar energy, for improving the operation of autonomous cars, for lighting, and for monitoring the condition of the road

Automatic Toll Collection System with QR code

An embedded system based on the quick response code, camera and application program is developed for toll collection and crime investigation. Capturing QR code by using camera and recognise it

Intelligent Ambulance

To provide a smooth flow for the emergency vehicles like ambulance to reach the hospitals in time and thus minimizing the delay caused by traffic congestion


Designing a quadcopter using FCB. KK 2.15 Module and controlling it via a Fly Sky 6 CH transmitter

Industrial and Road ways air pollution monitoring System

To monitor a Air Quality Value done by internet server using Internet and may activate a alarm once the air value goes down on the far side an exact level, means that once there square measure enough quality of harmful gases measure within the air like co2, smoke, alcohol, benzene, NH3, temperature and wetness. Collected data will stored in Google Fire-base Real Time database and retrieve data shown on the Graph using Plot js

Antenna positioning system

To develop a dish positioning system which can be operated by using a remote control. In order to get the exact angle of the position of the dish, it needs to be adjusted manually, here we proposed to adjust the position of the dish through a remote control. Remote control acts a transmitter whose data received by a IR receiver and Bluetooth

Wireless sensor network based deforestation detection

Implementation of wireless sensor network to monitor the poaching activity and alerting about the poacher. The sensor network system designed will not be able to stop the illegal poaching of trees but help catch the poachers before too much damage is done as the signal is immediately routed to the base station

A Cost effective Home and industrial Automation using Google Assistant

This IOT project focuses on building a smart wireless and cost effective home and industrial automation system by using Google assistant like (Google Home & Alexa) and Adafruit.It is utilized for monitoring and controlling industrial and home appliances from anywhere in the world

Pregnancy lady Assisting Device for Rural Areas

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are connected to IoT networks to monitor the day-to-day activities of the patients. Recently we can design a low cost, easy to maintain micro controller based health monitoring system for 24 hours continuous screening of pregnant ladies. It physiology signals like Heart rate, Blood pressure, Temperature and fetal movement and sensed data get pushed to Adafruit IO using MQTT API

Automatic Shopping Trolley system

To develop a smart shopping trolley system that will keep the track of purchasing the products for the visually impaired people using Bluetooth Voice command through wireless

Smart energy meter using NodeMCU with ACS712

Design a cost Effective Energy meter to monitor the power consumption (or) usage of the Home appliances. In other hand ,reduces the human efforts by interfacing the devices through internet. Web-server is designed using HTTP protocol for communication between client and server

Smart and Interactive Refrigerator system

The designing of a smart refrigerator which is able to sense the quantity as well as quality of the food items kept inside it. With smart sensing technology, this refrigerator will keep check on the expiry of food products and the spoilage of eatable items. It will be smart enough to notify the current status of food items through web app on our mobile phone, and will also remind us about the items are going to spoilage before they actually get rotten. Thus it will save the money and food wastage as well as help us to live a healthier lifestyle

Web Controlled Surveillance Robot using Raspberry pi with Flask

The major application of this project can be analyzed using HTML web page which can be used to control the movement of the robot. Good surveillance systems need to have dynamic features, e.g. monitoring cameras. Monitoring such a large area would also be a challenge for the security officers, as they will need to spend too much time to patrol covering all places

Anesthesia patient Monitoring system using Adafruit IO with IFTTT

To develop a medical kit to Monitoring the anesthesia patient for monitoring their status and inject the injection for the required time while the doctor in outside using the Adafruit IO dashboard with IFTTT action

Automatic Garden monitoring and controlling system

Automation the process of monitoring the garden can transform garden process from being manual and static to smart and dynamic one. This leads to higher comfortability, water using efficiency and less human supervision effort. This a cloud based Internet of Things (IoT) smart garden monitoring and controlling system using Arduino Uno and esp8266

Advanced Walking State Monitoring Robot Based on GSM

To develop an on walking stick cane robot. Our robot is used as a support for elders and visually impaired people and people with lower limb dysfunctions. Our system contains ultrasonic sensor, force sensor and dc motor.Emergency state are monitoring and send information via SMS using GSM


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Thank you for choosing Trichy. We have no ideas and knowledge and also proper guidence. I gained a lot about Cloud Computing Technology. I think it's right time to implement the Learning Center.


"Cloud Computing is the latest technology in the world. I got more idea about Cloud Computing. The content was very clear and useful. This seminar helps more for my career."

NANCY P, Student

"This seminar helps me to know about the impact on Cloud Computing and how to choose the way to achieve the cloud easily. Am benefited with this session. I will convey this to all to get this good oppurtunity to know about Cloud Computing."

Sona.S, Big Data training

The sessions handled by the trainer was very informative and clarified all my technical doubts. All the guidelines provided by learning center regarding the big data is more useful to implement in real-time project. Thanks for conducting the bigdata course in a very short notice.

Abul Faize, Language Training

Completed C language in this center. It was very useful. Trainer’s method of training was excellent.So,I like the center.

D.Indhumathi, Language Training

I completed my Java course. The concepts were delivered clearly and doubts were clarified for more more number without any hesitation. The class was interactive which made the course easy to learn.

P.Kamala Kannan, Language Training

I have completed my core & advanced Java, I feel pleasure to be a participant in the LC. The class was good and there was no difficulties since the trainer was well enough and good in clearing my doubts.I have completed my course with fulfillment.The trainer has good skills and thanks to my trainer.

EL.Rajkumar, Data Analytics Training

Great class. Very flexible in terms of class timings. Trainer helped me out with my silly doubts then and there. I was in a dilemma to choose a domain and the counseling helped me to choose the domain. Overall, it was a good learning experience right from the time of inception to the time of receiving my course certificate. Thanks to LC.




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